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Mar 26
Travel Yoga Mats

There are always unique accessories that you might want to bring along with you on your next major vacation or trip. One of those accessories might be a yoga mat. If you are a big fan of participating in yoga, then it might be smart to invest in a portable yoga mat that you can pack up with the rest of your stuff and bring along with you anywhere that you go.

We are going to cover five of the best yoga mats for traveling. We will make our selections based off of customer feedback, value, and quality. It is certainly a significant challenge to conduct a product search on Amazon where there are thousands of exceptional options available, but we are going to make sure that we only choose the very best portable yoga mats for this review.

You will also want to keep reading this post after the review section. We will have a designated section that will focus on answering frequent questions from potential customers. We will also be summarizing up all of the information that we provide to you within these reviews in the concluding section of this post. We highly recommend that you take your time and read through all of this valuable information before completing your purchase. We will start by taking a look at our top overall selection for the best portable yoga mat on Amazon.

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We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to look at the high-quality Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat for Travel. This premium yoga mat is specifically designed to be portable, and it also has six stylish color themes that you can customize on the Amazon product page.

A convenient carry-on bag is also included with your purchase of this Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat. The yoga mat is capable of folding into a portable position to make traveling as convenient as possible. A sticky texture was also integrated into the design of this yoga mat to prevent slips and falls.

The final product category that we wanted to mention is the price range. Hundreds of customers praised this Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat because it is so cost-effective and affordable. There are very few alternative brands that offer all of these high-quality features, and for that reason, we had to mark this portable yoga mat as our top choice.


  • Exceptional Customer Feedback.
  • Six Color Themes are Available.
  • Carry-On Bag is Included (Portable Folding Design).


  • Minor Durability Issues.

Our second product selection will focus on the incredibly innovative design of the Manduka Premium Thick Yoga and Fitness Mat. This high-quality yoga mat is extremely portable and convenient for traveling. The slip-resistant design makes it less likely that you will slip or fall. Those are only a few of the reasons that customers had such an exceptional experience with this premium yoga mat.

There are also three stylish color choices available that will allow you to customize this yoga mat to your liking. After evaluating all of the important features that come with this premium yoga mat, it is quite clear that it is one of the best options available in the entire industry.


  • Convenient and Portable.
  • Slip-Resistant Design.
  • Exceptional Customer Feedback.


  • Limited Color Options.
  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.

The third option that we are going to be looking at for this review is the Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat. Amazon Basics has evolved into a remarkable industry-leading brand on Amazon over the last few years, and they have certainly managed to develop an intriguing high-quality yoga mat that people should strongly consider for purchase.

This premium yoga mat is available in several color variations, and it also significantly undercuts the price of many rival brands that produce yoga mats. The lightweight design is extremely convenient for traveling purposes, and this yoga mat is integrated with extremely reliable foam that will be durable for long periods of time.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Durable Foam Material (Long-Lasting).
  • Several Color Options Available.


  • This Yoga Mat Outputs a Horrible Smell.

We are now going to take a short time to discuss the premium design characteristics that come with the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat. This vibrant yoga mat is available in up to a dozen different colors. Most of these vibrant color options are bright and attention-grabbing. This is also a really popular yoga mat for traveling purposes.

One of the primary reasons that people like this yoga mat is because it is crafted to be durable. This Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is also available on Amazon in three separate sizing options.


  • Three Custom Size Options.
  • Several Vibrant Color Variations.
  • Superior Design Quality (Exceptional Customer Ratings).


  • Expensive Price Range.

We have finally arrived at our final product selection, which will ultimately take a look at the TOPLUS Yoga Mat. This eco-friendly yoga mat is designed with several premium materials. This mat is also equipped with a non-slip design texture that can help to prevent falls or injuries.

The lightweight design of this yoga mat is extremely convenient for traveling, but the really nice thing is that it can be used for several alternative purposes as well. A one-year product warranty is granted to all customers that complete their purchase through Amazon.


  • Several Color Options.
  • Portable Design and Affordable Price Range.
  • One Year Product Warranty.


  • Minor Reliability Issues.
  • Some Rival Brands are More Popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Travel Yoga Mat?

This is probably one of the most common questions about yoga mats on the internet. This is truly a great question, but we are going to spend a little bit of time discussing why you might want to purchase a yoga mat for traveling. If you are a consistent traveler and want to participate in yoga while traveling around, it might be wise to purchase one of these high-quality yoga mat selections.

Many of these products are affordable, portable, and designed specifically for traveling purposes.

Final Verdict

We have finally arrived at the final section of our review. We initially started by introducing yoga mats that might be convenient for traveling. It has taken some time to browse through each of our five product selections, but we have certainly learned a lot over the course of these product reviews.

You now have to make a tough purchase decision. The toughest part about this entire process will be to compare each of these products and try to determine which yoga mat is right for you. There are a lot of factors to consider, and we strongly recommend that you take your time to ensure that you purchase the right one.

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