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Feb 09
Travel Routers

There are many different reasons that you might be interested in purchasing a reliable travel router that you can take with you wherever you go. These portable routers can be particularly useful for work purposes and education. Travel routers are different than traditional routers because they are much more convenient for storage purposes. The compact and portable designs of these types of routers are very efficient and convenient for traveling.

We have selected five different travel routers to look at within this review. Each of these selections is slightly different, but all of them are specifically designed to be portable and reliable.

Dozens of factors come into play when browsing Amazon's market for an effective traveling router. The overall value of the router is important, but the list of features is just as imperative. Most people are going to want a router that provides strong and secure WiFi internet that allows you to use the internet without any problems. We have also specifically looked for products that have a positive customer reputation. By combining all of these product features and specifications, we have ended up selecting the very best portable routers that you can find on Amazon.

Top 5: Travel Routers Review

Recommendation #5

HooToo Filehub, Wireless Travel Router, iPhone iPad Portable SSD Hard Drive Reader, Photo Backup Device, 10400mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger - TripMate Titan


TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router - WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Mobile in Pocket(TL-WR902AC)

Our top selection highlights the positive benefits that customers might receive when purchasing this TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router. This cost-effective router is ideal for traveling because it is small and portable. This router can swiftly be packed into suitcases and backpacks. The good news is that it also only takes a few seconds to set up and connect to through WiFi.

Hundreds of customers have already had a positive experience with this wireless travel router. The strong and secure connection quality is just one reason that you might be interested in purchasing this router. This device is cost-effective and provides an outstanding level of value to customers. Free technical service is available to all customers that reach out to the customer support staff. There is also a limited two-year warranty that customers can redeem if they are not satisfied.


  • Portable Design for Travel Purposes.
  • Cost-Effective Design.
  • Two Year Product Warranty.


  • Minor Durability Issues.
RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750, Wireless SD Card Reader, Connect Portable SSD Hard Drive to iPhone iPad Tablet Smart Phone Laptop for Photo Backup, Data Transfer, Portable NAS, 6700mAh Battery

Our second product review features the popular RAVPower Travel Router AC750. This creative router is equipped with several important features, including a WiFi speed that surpasses 300 Mbps. Wireless data transfer is also possible with this router. Sharing files is also extremely convenient on this premium travel router from RAVPower. All customers might be interested in the premium design features and reasonable value that is provided with this RAVPower Travel Router.

Hundreds of customers have propelled this product to the top of the industry by leaving a positive review on Amazon's product page. These positive reviews have also resulted in a special endorsement from Amazon. If you are looking for a reliable travel router with a positive reputation, then you will certainly be interested in this product.


  • Outstanding Customer Reputation.
  • High-Speed WiFi with Media Sharing Features.
  • Portable Router Design.


  • Expensive Price Range.
Securifi Almond - (3 Minute Setup) Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router / Range Extender / Access Point / Wireless Bridge

Our third selection takes an in-depth look at the popular Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router. This might be one of your top choices because of its outstanding reputation on Amazon. This particular router is also equipped with features that customers are interested in. For example, this router can be used as a primary WiFi router or a range extender.

There are also several different compatibility options available for customers to utilize with this Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router. The fast setup process should take less than 200 seconds to set up and this is one of the only touchscreen routers that you will find at this price range on Amazon.


  • High-Quality Touchscreen Interface.
  • Several Different Functions (Primary Router, Range Extender, Access Point).
  • One Year Limited Product Warranty.


  • Expensive Price Range.
GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Gigabit Travel AC Router (Slate), 300Mbps(2.4G)+433Mbps(5G) Wi-Fi, 128MB RAM, MicroSD Support, OpenWrt/LEDE pre-Installed, Cloudflare DNS, Power Adapter and Cables Included

We have arrived at our fourth product review and we are going to proudly look at the GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Gigabit Travel AC Router. This dual-band AC router is equipped with high-speed WiFi that is integrated with a strong and private signal. The compact design is ideal for traveling purposes and the setup process is convenient and swift.

All necessary accessories, adapters, and cables are also included with your purchase. A one-year limited product warranty is also granted to all customers that complete their orders through Amazon's marketplace.


  • All Accessories are Included (Cables and Adapter).
  • High-Speed Dual-Band WiFi Functions.
  • One-Year Limited Product Warranty Included.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • Minor Reliability Issues.
HooToo Filehub, Wireless Travel Router, iPhone iPad Portable SSD Hard Drive Reader, Photo Backup Device, 10400mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger - TripMate Titan

Our final product selection resonates with customers because of its extremely compact design and affordable price range. We are talking about the HooToo Filehub Wireless Travel Router and it's impressive design features. This miniature travel router can fit into your pocket because it is so portable. This wireless router can instantly convert into a high-quality WiFi network or range extender.

External battery packs are integrated and many customers have a very positive reputation for this valuable travel router. If you are looking for an affordable and effective travel router, you might be interested in saving a little bit of money by purchasing this HooToo Filehub Wireless Travel Router.


  • Extremely Compact and Convenient Design.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Multi-Purpose Design (WiFi Networks and Range Extender).


  • Not Compatible with Hot Spots.
  • Slightly Unreliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use a Travel Wifi Router?

Using a travel router for WiFi is relatively simple and straightforward. For example, the Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router is extremely simple to set up and the manufacturer even states that it should take less than three minutes to get started with operating this travel router.

This isn't the only example within this review that you could potentially purchase. With that being said, most of these travel routers come with in-depth instructional guides and most of the time they are relatively plug-and-play.

Can Travel Routers Extend Wifi Signals as a Range Extender?

Many travel routers within this review do have this functionality and they can serve as either a primary router or a range extender. With that being said, some of them do not support the ability to extend a hotspot WiFi source.

Final Verdict

We have now explored the Amazon market for some of the highest-rated travel routers that can currently be found on the platform. There are five great products to consider that we have just listed within this buyer's guide. You might find it useful to browse through the pros and cons of these routers to try and help you make a decision. There is also some useful customer feedback in the review section on each of the router product pages.

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