Travel Potty Seat Reviews

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Feb 16
Travel Potty Seats

Traveling with young children can be extremely stressful and challenging. There are so many accessories that you typically have to pack for you and your child when planning a vacation. One of the most important things to pack for your child is a high-quality potty seat that can be used when leaving the comfort of your home.

Several brands on Amazon have launched their very own travel potty seat for this specific purpose. It can certainly be challenging to separate each of the product's from one another, but it is really important to compare these potty seats and select one that your child is comfortable with.

There are other important factors to consider as well. Compact-designed potty seats are ideal for traveling to save packing space in your luggage. Customers will also be looking at cost-effective options to choose from on Amazon. There are dozens of popular high-quality potty seats available, but only you and your child can truly make the right choice.

We are going to shift our focus towards some of the products in the next section of this post. We will start by taking a look at our top overall options before shifting towards some of our alternative potty-seat recommendations.

Top 5: Travel Potty Seats Review

Gimars Non Slip No Falling Travel Folding Portable Potty Training Seat Fits Most Toilets, 6 Large Non-slip Silicone Pad, Home Reusable with Carry Bag for Toddlers Kids Boy Girl, Pink

The first potty seat that we are going to look at for this review is the premium Gimars Non-Slip Travel Folding Portable Potty Training Seat. This cost-effective potty seat is available in three different colors. These color choices include light blue, pink, and yellow. This particular type of potty seat is designed to be sturdy, safe, and effective. The folding design is extremely portable and convenient for traveling, and it can even be used on an airplane toilet.

There are several other factors that customers look at when considering the best potty seat products. One of the most important factors is comfort. Many careless potty seat products fail to appeal to little kids. The good news is that this Gimars Non-Slip Travel Folding Portable Potty Training Seat is designed with bright and vibrant color themes to create confidence for children when they use the bathroom.


  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Three Different Color Choices.
  • Extremely Portable for Traveling.


  • Maximum Recommended Age is 3 Years Old.
  • 60 Pound Maximum Weight Limit.
Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls, Fits Round & Oval Toilets, Non-Slip Suction Cups, Includes Free Travel Bag - Jool Baby

We are now going to shift our focus to the Jool Baby Products Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls. This high-quality potty seat is available in either blue or pink. This premium seat earned 1st Place in 2019's ECRM Buyer's Choice Awards. The outstanding customer reputation certainly contributed to this reward, but the cost-effective price range is also extremely appealing.

Many children have successfully been potty trained after using this particular potty seat. A lifetime product warranty is also included with all purchases on Amazon's marketplace.


  • Cost-Effective Premium Design.
  • Two Color Options Available (Blue and Pink).
  • Lifetime Product Warranty.


  • Partially Faulty Suction Cups.
  • Sometimes Slippery and Not Sturdy.
Portable Folding Large Non Slip Silionce Pads Potty Training Seat for Kids Boys & Girls, Toddlers Toilet Seat, Recyclable Potty Seat Cover for Travel

This Magtimes Portable Folding Potty Training Seat for Kids is extremely comfortable and is certainly one of the cost-effective choices that you can choose from on Amazon. This potty seat can easily be used at home or when traveling because of its portable folding design.

Hundreds of existing customers have already left a positive review because of the premium design quality of this potty seat. Kids love the themed seat design, and it certainly is designed for convenient potty training purposes. There are several other positive factors to also consider, but the most important thing is that this product is well-rounded in just about every single product category.


  • Cost-Effective and Affordable.
  • Portable & Folding Seat for Travel.
  • Premium Design Quality for Kids.


  • Doesn't Fit All Toilets.
  • Slippery Seat Design.
2019 Upgrade Portable Potty Seat with Splash Guard for Toddler, Foldable Travel Potty Seat with Carry Bag, Non-Slip Pads Toilet Potty Training Seat Covers for Baby, Toddlers and Kids (Blue)

We are now going to shift our focus towards the 2019 Upgraded Portable Potty Seat from VIRIITA. This cost-effective potty training seat is designed to not be slippery and it comes available in either blue or pink. The upgraded design provides additional comfort and portability. This potty seat is also crafted with safe design materials and only uses non-toxic materials that are proven to be safe for kids.

If you are not satisfied with this high-quality potty seat, you are then entitled to a money-back guarantee or warranty for up to 365 days after completing the original purchase.


  • Non-Slippery Design.
  • Two Color Choices Available (Blue and Pink).
  • One-Year Product Warranty.


  • Partially Faulty Splash Guard.
Portable Potty Training Toilet Seat for Boys and Girls - Ideal for Travel and Home - Foldable and Lightweight Potty Chair for Baby, Toddler and Kids

Our final product to look at within this buyer's guide is the Imagilane Portable Potty Training Toilet Seat for Boys and Girls. This is a perfect potty training seat for traveling purposes because it can fit into small storage compartments or luggage containers.

The easy-folding design is convenient and makes it easier than ever to bring it with you wherever you are going. The splash-proof shield is designed to prevent accidents and the adjustable splash guard can also contribute to making life easier for kids and parents alike. You won't have to break the bank when purchasing this potty seat either, because this is one of the most affordable and cost-effective choices on the market.


  • Simple Folding Design.
  • Integrated Splash Guard.
  • Ideal for Traveling Purposes.


  • Limited Customer Feedback.
  • Only One Color Option (Blue).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take a Potty Seat on a Plane?

Most airlines will allow you to take your child's potty seat onto the airplane in case they need to go to the bathroom. One brand that is specifically designed for this purpose is the Gimars Non-Slip Travel Folding Portable Potty Training Seat.

What Is the Best Portable Potty Seat?

There are several great choices to consider and there might be a different answer for every single customer. It depends on what you and your child are looking for when trying to get through the potty-training phase of their childhood. There are different types of potty seats and some of them come with special portable features that make them easier to bring with you.

One of our highest recommended choices is the Jool Baby Products Folding Travel Potty Seat. This particular selection is great for boys and girls that are transitioning into the potty-training phase. This product is also extremely affordable and comes with several useful features that can help prevent potty accidents.

Final Verdict

We have finally concluded our product review of the best potty seats for traveling. There are dozens of choices to consider, but we believe that we have selected five of your very best options. You will have the opportunity to browse through each of our selections and narrow down your choices by viewing the customer feedback and the pros and cons of each item.

You might also want to view the product page of each selection to learn a little bit more about each item. The good news is that you now have a lot more information to help you with your purchase decision, and you should be able to slowly narrow down your options and make a confident final purchase decision.

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