Travel Makeup Bag Recommendations

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Apr 09
Travel Makeup Bags

It can be extremely challenging to carry around your makeup accessories while traveling. There are many different types of high-quality & portable makeup bags that you might be interested in purchasing before the next time that you travel.
We have hand-selected five of the very best makeup bags from Amazon's marketplace specifically for this product review.

There are quite a few different methods that we used to make our selections. We have specifically looked for items with positive customer feedback. Personal traveling experiences are extremely important, and that is why we wanted to gather a large consensus from existing customers that have used each of our five product selections.

We will be discussing several features that you might be specifically looking for as you continue to search for the best makeup bag. Most customers are going to want a portable makeup storage bag with plenty of internal storage space. Adjustable compartments are also a major positive, and many of our product selections have these features implemented into their makeup bag design.

It is now time to begin our review section by focusing on our top overall selection, which happens to be the Relavel Travel Makeup Case. This high-quality makeup bag is perfect for traveling purposes and has thousands of positive customer reviews. We look forward to presenting each of these five products, and hopefully you will be able to finalize your purchase decision with ease after looking at each of these choices.

Top 5: Travel Makeup Bags Review

Recommendation #1


We were fairly impressed with the adjustable Relavel Travel Makeup Case. We have placed it as our top overall selection because of its affordable price range and positive reputation. This portable makeup carrying bag is designed with premium materials, but it also has several adjustable storage compartments with varying amounts of storage space.

Amazon has decided to endorse this Relavel Travel Makeup Case because it has overwhelming support from customers on Amazon. This doesn't come as a surprise to us, especially after looking at the incredible level of quality that has been achieved with the creation of this makeup bag. This was also a major contributing factor for our reasoning to place this makeup bag as our number one choice.

If you are looking for a portable makeup bag with positive customer ratings, then you probably can't go wrong by purchasing this Relavel Travel Makeup Case. If you are looking something a little bit different, then you can stick around and continue to browse through our four alternative product choices for this buyer's guide.


  • Cost-Effective Price Range.
  • Adjustable Storage Compartments.
  • Several Color Variations are Available.
  • Premium Design Materials (Outstanding Customer Ratings).


  • Minor Durability Issues.
  • Only One Primary Size Option is Available.

One of the cheapest options on the entire marketplace has to be the Marble Lightweight and Portable Makeup Bag. This waterproof makeup bag might be perfect for your next vacation or business trip. This premium selection was crafted with shaded leather to enhance quality and durability.

Customers really like this Marble Lightweight and Portable Makeup Bag because it is cheap, simple, and stylish. If you are looking for a well-rounded product to consider, then you will probably be very interested in this particular selection. That doesn't necessarily mean it has to be your purchase choice though. We still have quite a few products to take a look at before we are finished.


  • Extremely Affordable & Durable.
  • Lightweight & Portable.
  • Extremely Popular Customer Reviews.


  • Only One Color Variation is Available.
  • Limited Storage Space (8.6-Inches x 6.3-Inches x 2.4-Inches).

We are always excited to take a look at the high-quality products that come from the reputable Amazon Basics manufacturer. This time we are looking at their high-quality Hanging Travel Toiletry Kit Bag. This particular product is only available in the color black, which might be a disappointment to some customers. The good news is that it still has several stylish features, and it includes plenty of storage compartments for your makeup accessories.

A durable handle is equipped to the top of the bag to ensure that it remains portable and convenient to carry. The price range might be a little bit higher than some of our other product recommendations, but we still think it provides a reasonable value.


  • Large Amount of Storage Space.
  • Positive Customer Ratings.
  • Extremely Portable for Traveling Purposes.


  • Only Available in One Color (Black).
  • Minor Durability Issues.
  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.

We will be looking at the Large Makeup Bag Zipper Pouch by Narwey for our fourth overall selection within this buyer's guide. This convenient traveling case is perfect for makeup accessories. There are eight different color options to choose from, including stylish choices like black, pink, purple, red, and blue.

There are two primary size options available to choose from on Amazon. The smaller version has limited storage space and might not be ideal for traveling, but the larger variation includes plenty of storage space and might be quite useful for your next trip.

This bag has also been designed with waterproof materials for enhanced durability. The cost-effective price range offers customers a generous value as well. We encourage our readers to take a look at the customer ratings to learn a little bit more about this Narwey Makeup Bag.


  • Multiple Size and Color Variations.
  • Water-Resistant Design.
  • Cost-Effective Price Range.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.


  • Partially Faulty Zipper Design.
  • Might Not Be Large Enough for Some Travelers.

We have finally arrived at our fifth product review, which will feature the SMRITI Canvas Large Makeup Bag Pouch. There are 14 different color variations available, including vibrant designs with flowers and poke-a-dots on them. The durable design quality has resonated well with customers, especially at this affordable price range.

This particular makeup bag might not have the largest amount of storage space, but customers don't seem to mind because it is so affordable and convenient. This makeup pouch is also portable for traveling purposes, but it might have a hard time matching the same level of value that some of our other product recommendations have within this buyer's guide.

With that being said, we still highly recommend that you check it out and consider it. You might really like it, but you will never know without checking it out for yourself and browsing through the design features.


  • Extremely Affordable.
  • Several Vibrant & Stylish Color Variations.
  • Durable Design Quality.


  • Limited Storage Space.

Top Pick

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Travel Makeup Bag?

We were extremely impressed with the Relavel Travel Makeup Case. This particular product has earned our top position for this review, but we also have four other solid choices that you might be heavily interested in purchasing. All of these selections have outstanding customer feedback and exceptional value on Amazon.

How Much Do Makeup Bags Cost?

Makeup bags are extremely affordable on Amazon, but you will certainly want to spend some time to find the right choice. The SMRITI Canvas Large Makeup Bag Pouch is one of the cheapest products that have earned a top-five placement, but you will probably want to compare several products before finalizing your purchase selection.

Most of the makeup bags within this review cost less than 30 dollars. The good news is that most customers should be able to afford this price point. We strongly encourage our readers to take their time comparing each of the products listed within this review to ensure that you make the best decision.

Final Verdict

Product researching can be extremely stressful and difficult, but there are resources available that make it significantly easier. Most of our product reviews are based off of industry factors, including customer reputation, brand reliability, design features, quality, and durability. We also discussed how the price gap can play a role in terms of value and affordability.

This post has summarized dozens of useful resources from the Amazon marketplace. We have selected five highly-reputable products that have outstanding customer ratings on the platform. These makeup bags are designed with the highest levels of quality to make sure that customers are satisfied.

The toughest part is to narrow down your options and make a purchase selection that will satisfy your needs on your next trip. That is why it is so important to conduct the appropriate research before making your decision. As always, we encourage you to visit the Amazon pages and conduct your own research for each product. We have provided several useful resources of information within this post, but you will ultimately have the ability to select the product that matches your desired criteria.

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