Travel Camera Bag Reviews

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Feb 09
Travel Camera Bags

Whether you are a traveling photographer or you just like taking tons of pictures when you are on vacation, then you probably know how important a good camera bag is since it is one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to keeping your camera and its parts safe.

If you got a new camera or you are looking to upgrade some of your equipment, we put this list of some of the best and most protective bags that you can get for your camera.

Top 5: Travel Camera Bags Review

Manfrotto Advanced Befree Backpack for DSLR/CSC Cameras and Drone, Gray

This is probably one of the biggest and higher-quality bags that is out there now between the organization and the size. It is one of the more expensive options, but if you are professional and are looking for a bag that can store all of your lenses and equipment safely, this is probably the bag you want.

It has storage on either side and even a clip that you can use to hold your tripod. There is also storage in the front and the back of the bag. The storage in the back has padded holders for a camera and up to six lenses; plus whatever lens the camera has on.

The front storage is the rest of the space in the bag, and it has some mesh pockets and padded pockets for some more equipment. One of the pockets on the inside can even hold a 15-inch laptop or even a large tablet.


  • Has more room than most bags.
  • Is more accommodating when raining.
  • Is lightweight and well organized.


  • Is more expensive.
Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag Vintage DSLR SLR Messenger Shoulder Bag Dark Gray

This is one of the more classic-looking camera bags, and it does have a decent amount of room for storing your camera and some extra lenses along with the other basic necessities.

One nice feature is that you can remove the padding that can be used to separate the camera and lenses so that the bag can be used as a regular messenger bag. This is also one of the few models that can come in several sizes including black, blue, army green, dark gray, light green, and brown.

The material is pretty water-resistant, but the outer material can take a little while to dry when it gets wet. Other than that, the only other issue you may have is the metal clasps; they are sometimes a little weak.

However, the zipper does prevent everything from falling out, and the clasps seem to be more for decoration anyway.


  • Is well padded.
  • Has a decent amount of room.
  • Shoulder straps are snug.


  • Magnet clasps are a little weaker.
AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Gadget Bag - 11.5 x 6 x 8 Inches, Black And Orange

This is one of the more popular and affordable bags out there, especially if you are looking for a simple and smaller model. It is less than a foot long and is about half a foot wide, leaving plenty of room for your camera, a lens or two, and the rest of the necessary equipment.

You can also get it in a slightly smaller size if this is a little too big for you, and you can get it with a grey or orange interior, too.

The material on the inside is a little frail and the padding is a bit thinner compared to some other bags, but the outside is more water-resistant than most and better at protecting it from damage with the hard material between the outside and inside materials.


  • Is affordable and spacious.
  • Great for essentials.
  • Is durable and highly protective.


  • Interior is a little lower quality.
S-ZONE Waterproof Camera Bag Canvas Leather Trim DSLR SLR Camera Messenger Bag

The design for this model is pretty similar to the second bag, but this one is much smaller, being more suited for you if you work with only one lens. You can also get it in a slightly larger size so that you can store another lens too, but it can cost more.

You can get the bag in brown, grey, or light grey. Unlike the other bags, this one does not have side or front pockets; it is just the main pocket with separators for the camera and lens(es) which you can remove and rearrange if you like.

The buckle that connects the strap to the bag can be a bit lower quality, but it can be easily replaced if it is broken.


  • Has a bright interior.
  • Can be customized.
  • Is affordable.


  • The strap is a little lower quality.
Medium Soft Padded Camera Equipment Bag / Case for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus Panasonic, Samsung & Many More + eCostConnection Microfiber Cloth

The last on this list, this bag is one of the most affordable and popular choices, especially since you can get it in a smaller or larger size that can hold all the basic supplies, your camera, and one to three lenses depending on the size and how you arrange them.

The padding is pretty decent, but the smaller size can be more difficult to pack since it is one of the smallest bags out there; about 7 inches long and 5.5 inches tall.

However, unlike many of the other models, this bag's strap can be removed, making it easier to replace a broken strap or pack it in your suitcase without getting it tangled up in your clothes or luggage when it gets moved around.

It has a pretty average resistance to some rainwater and spills, but it can take a little while to dry off once it does get wet.


  • Ideal for simple set ups.
  • Has a sturdy strap.
  • Is more affordable than most.


  • Is smaller than most.

Top Pick

Out of these five, the best would probably be the first product: the Manfrotto Advanced Befree Backpack for DSLR/CSC Cameras and Drones. It is one of the largest bags, can carry more equipment than most other models, and is one of the most durable and waterproof between the material and the rain cover.

Manfrotto Advanced Befree Backpack for DSLR/CSC Cameras and Drone, Gray

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Choose the Best Camera Bag?

There are two main features that you should look at when picking a camera bag: the size and the material. Obviously, you will want a bag big enough for your camera to fit in snugly, but you should also think about how many lenses you want to take with you and any other pieces of equipment you want to be able to fit in the bag.

The material is also important when it comes to protecting the camera and lenses. The outside material only matters when there is not an extra thick or hard layer of material or plastic in between the inner and outer material, which is what most bags have.

This means that you can get a bag with any kind of material as long as it has that extra inner protection, but if you want to be on the same side, try to find a bag with naturally water-resistant material on the outside.

What Should You Keep in Your Camera Bag?

If you just have a simple camera and equipment, then you will probably only need the camera itself, one or two lenses, the charger, an extra battery, a cleaning cloth or two, a flash, and a memory card or two.

Otherwise, you will also want some room for a tripod, more lenses, and any other equipment you may need when you are taking pictures. Some of the bigger bags can hold up to six lenses or more while still having plenty of room for any other camera supplies and other non-picture-taking equipment, and they are usually just as big as or slightly smaller than a regular backpack but with special storage and pockets.

Do You Need to Get a Camera Bag That Is the Same Brand as Your Camera?

No, especially if you plan on getting more lenses than your camera came with. Many cases and bags that are designed for a specific camera model or brand only has enough room for what that camera came with; ergo: you will not have room for extra equipment.

Many bags out there have padding and pockets that are roughly the size of most cameras, but there are a few out there that can be customized with some simple padding to let your camera fit in their snuggly.

Final Verdict

Go ahead and click on the link to check it out for yourself, and check out the other models to compare them for yourself.

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