Travel Backpacks For Women Recommendations

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Feb 09
Travel Backpacks For Women

It can be pretty easy finding a travel-sized backpack, but finding one that has a little bit of style for all of you women out there can be a little difficult, especially organized ones.

For that reason, we combed through and searched through to find the most stylish and functional travel backpacks for all of you who want to look cute and fashionable.

Top 5: Travel Backpacks For Women Reviews

Vera Bradley Women's Campus Tech Backpack, Winter Berry

This is one of the more popular and high-quality bags that you can get, and it is also one of the more stylish ones, too. You can get it over two dozen different styles, mostly floral, but there are a few solid colors, stripes, and other patterns.

The bag is a little smaller than the average size, making it ideal for holding small laptops, some school supplies, or even just some clothes for an overnight trip. It is about 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide, so you can fit a notebook-sized laptop, but one that is larger will probably be tight or not fit at all.

You might like the simple organization it has between the three main zippers and the pouches inside of them. It also has a headphone hole for you so that you can listen to your music without possibly pushing the controls while it is in your hand or pocket.


  • Sturdy material.
  • Is available in several colors and patterns.
  • Is long lasting.


  • Straps can be a bit small.
Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack,Anti-Theft Water Resistant Business Luggage with TSA Lock&USB Charging Port Friendly Computer Cooler Daypack for Men Women College School Bag Fit 16/17inch Laptop(Purple)

You might like a bag like this one if you prefer one that is a little more functional than it is stylish. It is a bit larger than the average side, putting it a little close to a regular-sized backpack, but it can still fit under most airline seats.

It can come in several colors including black and black with red, purple, pink, or navy blue. Some of the sizes can come in a slightly larger size, too, but most are usually about 20 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide.

This one does have a few more pockets and zippers than some of the other bags, and it even has mesh pockets on the sides for water bottles, but they can only fit a standard-sized bottle and not a thermos. The zippers can also tend to stick, but only if you have the bag packed to the brim.

Another feature that makes this bag a little more travel-friendly is the fact that it has a small pouch in the back of the bag, in between the arm straps, that you can use to put your suitcase handle through so you can have the bag resting on your suitcase while you roll it around.


  • Has plenty of room.
  • Is well made.
  • Is very organized.


  • Mesh pocket is a little small.
BRINCH Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Wide Open Computer Backpack Laptop Bag College Rucksack Water Resistant Business Travel Backpack Multipurpose Casual Daypack with USB Charging Port for Women Men,Gray

This bag looks a little more like a purse than a backpack, especially since you can tuck the backpack straps into a similar belt as the last bag, but this one is a little slimmer; it is also called a luggage belt rather than a pouch.

You can get it in about 9 different colors or styles including black, grey, pink, yellow, white, and more. The bag is also about the same size as the first one: about 15.5 inches tall and nearly 8 inches wide.

The zipper can be a little more stubborn than the last bag, but that is because the flap on the zipper is a little more fragile and can break off easily if you pull it too hard or quickly.

Still, this is one of the more simple yet cute bags that you can get, and you can still fit most of your usual travel items in it while charging your phone or listening to music easily; it has a hole for these wires.


  • Is comfortable to wear.
  • Has lots of space and pockets.
  • Is easy to clean.


  • Zippers can be fragile.
MANCIO Slim Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port,Vintage Tear Resistant Business Bag for Travel, College, School, Casual Daypacks for Man,Women, Fits up to 15.6Inch Macbook, Green

This bag is a little more simple when it comes to the style and function since it does not have a luggage strap like the other bags, but it is a good in-between when it comes to the size.

It is about 16.5 inches tall and nearly 12 inches wide, making it a little better for an average-sized laptop along with some other items. It only comes in solid colors, but you can get it in black, mint green, purple, red, or grey.

It also comes with a USB port instead of a hole, meaning you can keep your battery bank in the bag itself and do not have to worry about it disconnecting while you are moving around.

The straps are also slightly padded, making it a little easier to carry when you have the bag pretty stuffed.

The main zipper can catch a little bit more than some of the other bags, even when the bag is not very full. However, if you pinch the sides together, it seems to fix the problem almost immediately.

On the bright side, the inner zipper does not have the same problem, and lightly greasing the zipper is also an option to prevent any catching.


  • Is machine washable.
  • Has a USB charging port.
  • Has a decent amount of space.


  • Zippers tend to catch.
Laptop Backpack,Winblo 15 15.6 Inch College Backpacks Lightweight Travel Daypack - Mauve Pink

This is another one of the more simple-looking models, but this is one of the better options if you live in an area or are planning on traveling to areas where it rains a lot. The material is one of the better ones that can resist water pretty well; it is not entirely waterproof, though.

It is about medium-sized if you are comparing it to some of the other travel-sized models; it is nearly 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

You can also get it in 2 styles that have a different number of pockets and zippers, and you can get it in a few solid colors: black, grey, purple, blue, green, and pink. However, one style only comes in blue, grey, and purple while the other style comes in the remaining colors.

The material is a bit weaker than some of the other bags, and throwing some heavy objects in it quickly or being rough with the bag while it is filled can cause the sticking to pull apart pretty quickly, meaning you will have to be a bit careful if you plan to fill it up.


  • Has plenty of space.
  • Is durable and semi-water resistant.
  • Has a unique and slim design.


  • Stitching can rip somewhat easily.

Top Pick

When comparing these 5, the best would have to be the first product: the Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Campus Backpack. lt is one of the most durable, functional, organized, and high-quality bags that has a pretty long lifespan.

Vera Bradley Women's Campus Tech Backpack, Winter Berry

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Choose the Best Travel Backpack?

The main thing to look at is the size. Most traveling backpacks can fit a laptop (usually 13 to 16 inches), a couple of water bottles (usually in the side pockets), and you will still have some extra room to fit all kinds of things from books to a change of clothes.

Another thing to look at is how it is carried. There are some models that have built-in purse-like handles so that if you decide you want to carry it rather than having it on your back, you can do it by using the smaller handles rather than the back straps.

How Big Are They Usually?

The average travel-sized backpack is usually around 20 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 10 inches long, to give you a rough idea. Some are a little smaller so that they look more like a stylish purse rather than a backpack while others are the complete opposite.

Are There Size Restrictions When Traveling?

If you are traveling by plane and want the bag to be under the seat in front of you, you may have to get a bag that is about the average size if not slightly smaller. Otherwise, it may be considered too big, and the airline would ask you to keep it in the overhead compartment.

Other than that, there are really no major size restrictions when it comes to these bags. They might be considered too big for some movie theaters or amusement park rides, though, but these size restrictions can vary depending on the policies the places have.

Final Verdict

You can also have a better chance of finding a style that fits you best since there are over 25 different styles and colors that it can come in, and you can check them out by clicking the link above. Check out the other bags too if you are looking for something a little bigger or one with a different style.

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