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Social Media Policy

The social media presence of the Société des célébrations du 375e anniversaire de Montréal (“375MTL”) is to provide dynamic content to people interested in the different activities of Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

This policy is to inform users of the rules governing the management of our community platforms. The Twitter account, YouTube channels and Facebook and Instagram pages for 375MTL (the “social media” ) are managed by the Marketing and Communications Department of 375MTL.


Exchanges of opinions between users are encouraged, and must be made in a constructive manner that respects other users’ opinions and ideas.

375MTL reserves the right to remove comments without notice for any legitimate reason, including the following:

  • defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, or disparaging comments
  • any kind of advertisement, including comments promoting products or services
  • repeat posts or off-topic comments
  • confidential information such as personal information
  • messages that are political in tone and made by an individual or organization with the goal of swaying individuals or exerting power by defending a number of well-defined ideas

Comments and suggestions

All comments and suggestions will be read and taken into consideration. Social media management generally takes place during office hours, from Monday to Friday. In emergency situations, urgent information will be given priority treatment.

All relevant messages will be forwarded to those concerned at 375MTL. We cannot undertake, however, to answer every message received through these platforms.

Complaints will not be managed through social media. Internet users who lodge complaints against 375MTL will be redirected to [email protected]

Hyperlinks, authenticity of content and protection of personal information

Adding links to third-party pages is allowed if the content is related to the subject being discussed. 375MTL is not responsible for the content of other websites and does not endorse the content of third-party sites.

Users are responsible for the authenticity of the content they post. Content must not infringe on anyone’s rights, property or confidentiality and must respect privacy.

Please refer to our Protection of Personal Information Policy here.

Language policy

  • 375MTL has a Twitter account in French and a Twitter account in English. All information directly related to 375MTL is posted in both accounts respectively, as are videos posted on the organization’s YouTube channel.
  • Posts on the 375 MTL Facebook page are predominantly in French; however, some information is posted in both French and English. Only people who have chosen English as their language of choice in their settings will see the English news.
  • The 375MTL Instagram account is bilingual (French/English).
  • Answers to user inquiries will be made in either French or English.

Social media policy

In addition to complying with our social media policy, we encourage users to respect the different policies of each platform:

Updated: August 3rd 2016

*In the spirit of continuously improving and adapting our ways, we reserve the right to modify these rules of use at any time and without notice.

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