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Protection of personal information policy

The Société des célébrations du 375e anniversaire de Montréal (the “Société”) manages the use of personal information in accordance with the standards set out under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (S.C. 2000, c. 5) and the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (R.S.Q., c. A-2.1).

As a general rule, the Société does not collect personal information on those who use its site or on individuals (hereinafter, both referred to as an “individual” or “individuals”). Individuals navigate the Société’s website anonymously.

In some cases, however, the Société may ask individuals to provide personal information such as their name, address, and email address, when required in the situations listed below. Individuals may always refuse to comply with this request, in which case the Société may not be able to follow through with their applications.

The policy does not apply to the personal information of employees of the Société, or to information that is not deemed to be “personal information” within the meaning of the relevant statutes.

Situations where the Société may collect personal information

The Société is aware of its duty to protect any personal information it might receive from individuals and wishes to inform these individuals of the grounds on which such information may be collected and the use that may be made thereof. The Société does not collect any personal information from individuals navigating its website. If an individual agrees to provide the requested personal information, that individual is deemed to have consented to the Société collecting and using it. If personal information provided by individuals is likely to be used for purposes other than those listed below or those that could reasonably arise therefrom, the Société will notify individuals and obtain their consent, unless statutorily exempted. The personal information sent by individuals is accessible only to employees or consultants of the Société who require it to carry out their work. These employees and consultants must furthermore use passwords and other approvals to access the database or dedicated servers. The Société may disclose the personal information to its mandataries and contracting parties in the context of services performed on behalf of the Société. The contracts binding the Société to these contracting parties and mandataries provide that the personal information can be used only for the purpose for which it was disclosed. The Société has implemented physical, organizational, and technological means of protection to conserve the safety of the personal information.

(1) Subscribing to a newsletter

Individuals may subscribe to the Société’s newsletter. The Société may then request the individual’s email address to send him or her the newsletter.

(2) Participating in a contest

Individuals may participate in contests launched by the Société. The Société may then ask individuals to provide their name, address, age, and email address to confirm the individual’s identity and admissibility to the contest, and to announce the results of the contest, if need be. For some of the Société’s contests, individuals who chose to participate may be asked several other pieces of personal information.

(3) Submitting projects following a public call for projects.

In the context of a public call for projects, the Société requests specific personal information such as individuals’ email address, name, address, and telephone number to be able to reach them if they submitted a project.

(4) Applying for jobs, internships, volunteer work, and consulting

Should individuals wish to apply for a job, internship, volunteer or consulting position, the Société will request specific personal information such as their email address, name, address, and telephone number so they can be reached if their application is accepted.

(5) Submitting proposals or partnerships

Should individuals wish to submit a proposal or a partnership offer, the Société will request specific personal information such as their email address, name, address, and telephone number so they can be reached if their proposal or offer is accepted.

(6) Contacting customer service

If you write to or call the Société, it may keep your name and contact information (telephone number, address, email address) to follow up.

Limitation of liability

Despite the Société’s adoption of a Protection of Personal Information Policy, personal information may sometimes be unlawfully disclosed or intercepted, in which case the individual will hold the Société harmless of any liability, subject to the Société committing a gross fault.

Tracking logins and statistical summaries

The Société may keep track of logins to its website for statistical purposes. The data thus collected will determine which browser was used to navigate the site, at what time, how long it lasted, what pages were seen, the location of the individual, and will otherwise be used to analyse the individual’s online behaviour. This tracking of logins cannot identify the individual who navigated the site. The statistical data is entirely anonymous.


A cookie, as they are commonly referred to in cyberspeak, is information—a mere numerical sequence—sent by a website to your browser that is temporarily accommodated in your browser’s memory or on your computer’s hard drive. 

Generally, the Société’s website does not send cookies to the browsers of individuals. The site does occasionally require the use of cookies, however, to improve the user experience, by avoiding repeatedly posting the same notices or messages for example.

Links to third-party sites

The website of the Société contains links to third-party websites. These links are intended to be solely for information purposes. Individuals who click on these links will leave the Société’s site. The Société has no power over third-party websites and under no circumstances may the Société be held liable due to the fact that these sites appear on its website. Thus, any personal information that individuals may disclose to these other websites will necessarily be subject to any protection of personal information policy used by these other sites. In that case, the Société may never be held liable for any abuse that might arise therefrom. Consequently, the Société recommends that individuals carefully read the protection of personal information policy governing these other websites.


By providing your personal information, you consent to the Société collecting, using, and disclosing this information, in the manner described in this Protection of Personal Information Policy as it may be amended from time to time, or in the manner described prior to the collection, use, or disclosure, or at the time of collection, use, or disclosure of this information, as the case may be. Individuals who do not wish to have their personal information collected, used, or disclosed should refrain from providing their personal information to the Société. Individuals who have provided their personal information to the Société and who want to withdraw consent as to the retention, use, or disclosure of their personal information, must send an email to [email protected]. Subject to applicable legal or contractual restrictions, consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending a reasonable notice. The Société may not be able to provide certain information or answer an individual’s request if that individual withdraws consent. When required to do so by law, the Société may gather, use, or disclose your personal information, without your consent, such as when compelled to do so to comply with a legally permitted inquiry by a government agency, a court order, or as otherwise required by law.

Retention of personal information

Personal information will be kept by the Société for as long as the Société exists. Afterwards, all the Société’s files, including the personal information they contain, will be sent to the Ville de Montréal for archival purposes.

Updated on: October 6 2015

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