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Grande Tournée in Verdun : Due to bad weather, the opening of the site is postponed to Saturday, June 24th, at 9:30 

Neighbourhoods Come Alive with La Grande Tournée

This summer, La Grande Tournée, another signature event from the Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary, will take place all over Montreal, celebrating our city’s rich history and bringing its citizens together for a party they’ll never forget. Each one of the 19 boroughs will take a turn hosting the festivities, putting their own unique spin on the event when their time comes. Montrealers will be given the opportunity to discover some of their city’s most precious hidden gems alongside friends and family, all the while getting to know their neighbours a little bit better.

Each weekend, La Grande Tournée will take over a local park, filling it with fun activities. Here’s a taste of what you can expect this summer:

 Cirque Eloize à ciel ouvert

A variety of magical activities will be offered each day of the event, suitable for Montrealers of all ages! On Saturday night, a vibrant and emotional acrobatic performance will be hosted on the main stage.


La ville suspendue – Le Musée McCord raconte Montréal 

Discover more about the human experiences that helped shape the city we know and love today. Photos, stories and historical facts combine to create a unique, installation-exposition dedicated to Montreal, changing every weekend to celebrate the history of its host borough!


Grands Apéros AARQ

Look forward to a giant picnic showcasing the very best local businesses, restaurateurs and artisans from each borough.


Les postes du futur – Comptoir du futur

Send your own personal message to future Montrealers by writing and sending postcard to the address of your choosing… to be delivered in 25 years, just in time for Montreal’s 400th! What piece of history will you choose to send to the future?


Chats de ruelles – Présenté par la coopérative Le Comité en collaboration avec La Tohu

Chats de ruelles is a travelling party that will take place in a different local alleyway every weekend. Each Montreal borough can expect a weekend filled with workshops on urban agriculture, circus acts, musical performances, augmented reality demonstrations and more!


Talking Windows – Diasol

Borough residents offer up their windows to local artists looking to display their works. The streets will transform into vibrant, urban art galleries, provoking stimulating conversation and encouraging neighbours to connect with one another. Don’t miss this quirky art exposition!


Neighbourhood Treasure Hunts – VDM

How well do you know Montreal’s many neighbourhoods? Two scavenger hunts (one designed for children and another for adults), followed on paper or by using the 375MTL mobile app, will allow participants to test their knowledge of Montreal’s boroughs, learn some new, fun facts and, most importantly, have fun!

lo Paradiso 

A bicycle-powered projector will make its way around the city, screening short films and video clips created by indigenous musicians that highlight cultural diversity.


Radio-Canada radio live from your park!

Come meet the Radio-Canada team, see live music and participate in a slew of interesting activities. Let Radio-Canada be the soundtrack to your summer fun all weekend long!

Sucré Salé celebrates the 375th

Every Friday between May 12 and September 15, Patrice Bélanger and his team of cultural correspondents will delve deeper into one of Montréal’s 19 boroughs through cultural interviews held in iconic and off-the-beaten-path locations.


Sustainable involvement for a sustainable legacy!

President’s Choice will be bringing modern, multigenerational, sustainable and unique picnic tables, created by design students at the Université de Montréal, to all of Montréal’s boroughs. Thanks to the Amplifier Montréal movement, the Maison de l’Innovation Sociale will use this opportunity to speak with the children and teens from each neighbourhood to find out how they envisage the future of the city. Following this, Desjardins will propose VivaCité, a fun activity for the whole family that will raise money for local youth organizations. Sustainable involvement for a sustainable legacy!


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